Subaru BRZSubaru Plans to Work on a Radical Mid Engined Part Electric Sport Car. It Will Debut Within the Next Two Years


The Japanese manufacturer has been trying to run a modified BRZ sports car, containing the most advanced version of Subaru namely new Global Platform chassis architecture. A 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine drives the rear wheel and a pair of electric motors powering the front wheel. Find the top rated Subaru engines for sale online at

Torque Vectoring System

It is the overturn of the powertrain showcased by the Viziv concept. Engineers are working hard to make it an amazing, using different plans and thoughts.

Torque Vectoring System

Engineers think to use a torque vectoring system to manage and control torque distribution between the front wheel motors. It takes the aiding turn-in in a same work that has been used in latest Honda NSX.

The BRZ in the Evaluation Stage:

The BRZ has been chosen for the test mule. It is one of the greatest and magnificent model of Subaru. It is called the rear drive model in Subaru current line-up.

Subaru BRZ

Its end result will be a two-door sports coupe. A sports crossover is present in the evaluation stage. It is said by Subaru insider. There is no any type of report that a new generation of Subaru BRZ would be the basis for the hybrid sport car.

The Coupe Concept to visit Motor Show

The coupe is being considered most likely as a concept at motor show. It is perfect piece of Subaru that is able to show at motor show. It is far from certain that give the green light to manufacturer.

Subaru motor show

The company has been enjoying the sold taste in different key regions. It includes the United States and some others. It regard that the time is correct to propose a ‘halo’ vehicle that is not a WRX-based. We offer New Subaru engines at Engine Compare, for purchasing used and recon Subaru engines visit or call us at +442031435135.