New SUV will make the Home at Beijing Motor Show this Month, Getting the 375bhp Plug-in Powertrain

Volkswagen is coming to Beijing Motor Show with pomp and show at the end of this month. It has planned to offer something luxury and beautiful at Beijing Motor show, taking the help of its SUV.


There is no doubt about the efficiencies and abilities previous all models of Volkswagen. Although, now it will be magnificently bringing a special concept car to the 2016 Beijing Motor Show. However, you can find VW Tiguan engines for sale at

375bhp of New Volkswagen SUV

There are a lot of details about the Volkswagen SUV, but we would like to denote about it some certain parts of the over details. There can be found to see a large SUV concept that could show the forthcoming 7-seat Tiguan XL model as for as possible. There is a powerful electric motor with a powertrain, including a combustion engine that provide 375bhp and 700Nm of Torque.

New Volkswagen SUV

A plug-in hybrid, the concept reveals the all-electric range from 31 miles as well. VW has the ability to quote the fuel consumption of less than 94mpg for the concept car. It is deceptively able to run from 0-62mph in amazingly just 6 seconds and on to a top speed of about 140mph.

Luxury Interior of New Volkswagen SUV

Volkswagen gives a much more beautiful interior to its SUV. The interior reveals the excellence modification of the Volkswagen engineer. It shows a lot of classical glimpse of the interior that is said to be a comfortable living space with a focus on ergonomics. VW says it advances the digitalization of the car as well.

Volkswagen Interior

We arrive at the position that it features a large sheet of glass to company both the dials behind the steering wheel as well as the traditional infotainment display. No sooner do you see the interior of the new Volkswagen SUV than you can’t help appreciating the engineer. Having had the beautiful interior it will try to gain the more reputation from the world and be an apple of the people ayes all around the world.


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